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Dr. Terry Wahls on Diet"This is something that has made me so angry and heated during the past couple of months! We have spent thousands of dollars in the "medical" world over the past 2 years, only to never get any real answers or solid treatments of the problems that were occurring in our little family unit. Acute medicine served its purpose for me so I am thankful it is there, but other than that, solid answers were nowhere to be found. For myself or my boy. Just immersing myself into research with doTERRA started a snowball effect of " aha" moments!!! Then going full blown after extreme necessity for Cody (& coming up with no answers yet again) walking in another direction. Then my own extreme need for answers of many crazy things happening in my own body. Don't get me wrong. Acute medicine has its place, but not one M.D. took the time to really look at my body and put the pieces together like Julie Formby did. Now, after even more research, it has become painfully obvious that there is no gain in the medical world.  Only telling us to eat better and learn more about how G-d designed our bodies to function. Only grocery stores and neighbors with gardens and meat to trade or sell Benefit. I am still working on forgiving the medical world for not telling me the truth about my endometriosis. Trying not to play all the "what if" cards is so hard when you ache for another baby like I do. All I can do now is go forward and know that His plan is still perfect for me!!! And educate as many people as possible along the way... ;)

-- posted by Kelly King on Facebook on May 11, 2013




"I recommend Julie Formby for your holistic healthcare needs. She has extensive education in her field. I really appreciate how well she listens and seeks to understand her clients' needs, the human body, and continue pursuing knowledge in her field. She is a gentle, direct communicator and is concerned about the whole person- mind, body, and spirit!"

-- May Davies



"My middle son has wet the bed every night for 9 years, and after starting the nutritional and herbal program recommended by Julie, it took about 2½ months before he stopped bedwetting. Now he has wet the bed only 3 times in the last 3 weeks, which is really good. The times that he did wet the bed were when he was not complying with his protocol."

-- Nanette Shipp



"Julie began New Vitality so she can share her knowledge about living life to its fullest. She is a life-long learner. She studied to gain her Master Herbalist certification and continues to increase her understanding of health topics in order to provide her clients with excellent health education. She is meticulous about her work and I do not hesitate to recommend her as a caring health resource."

-- Joni Sellars



"After I had my youngest child, I had a thyroid deficiency, including three rings across my neck.  I was extremely tired... I don't even know the word for it.  You get so tired that you don't even care anymore.  I was not depressed, but I just wanted to sleep 24/7.  After only two weeks of taking iodine supplements, I felt a lot better, and I am continuing to gain more energy.  I am still tired, but not as tired as before, and I am slowly working up to the recommended dosage from the ZYTO analysis from Julie.  I am feeling better every day, and I am producing more and more milk for my newborn since my thyroid is healthier!"

-- Nanette Shipp



Margaret Mosier"I have worked with Julie Formby to clear problems with my digestion which included leaky gut, signs of yeast infection and general lack of energy. Julie has the best technology for analyzing what needed to be corrected. She is thorough and professional in her consultations. When I was very sick with a flu or bad cold she brought me preparations to clear the infection and did not make me feel she was putting herself out, but was just being very helpful and caring."

-- Margaret Mosier



"My oldest son was diagnosed with urinary reflux as a baby and had extreme bladder and urethra pain for over 9 years. The doctors did not know why. They gave him a watch and told him to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, but that did not work entirely. Now with the herbal protocol that he is following with Julie, the pain is gone."


--Nanette Shipp




"A few years ago, Julie told me about using ginger oil and mercurous vivus for ear infections.  The ginger oil relieves pain and is anti-inflammatory.  Recently my two-year old had an ear infection, and the ginger oil (diluted 5:1 with olive oil) pulled him through without having to use antibiotics!  It works every time!"


--Julie Wickstrom



This past week I met with a woman who feels that her health has fallen apart over the last few years.  She started to tell me about the issues that she has spent thousands of dollars to address with little to no resolution.  Then she stopped herself and told me that she was torn about telling too much because she feels like other practitioners hone in on one thing and neglect other important issues.  So, I told her, then don't tell me what is going on...let me see if I can tell you through observation techniques that I learned through Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis.  I was a little nervous about this offer but also confident because I have been able to accurately assess others.  I am happy to report that I passed "the test!"  This lady said that she wanted to cry because I had identified everything that she struggles with on a physical level.  She feels encouraged about getting started on her journey toward more vibrant health and vitality!
--Julie Formby


Kelly KingI recently started working with 9 year old Cody who has had chronic migraines for years.  His parents have had test after test run, only to be told that the doctors have no idea what is wrong-- they offered a powerful prescription drug to mask the symptoms, but no real solution was offered.

According to holistic medicine, headaches are related to either liver or blood sugar issues, which are both simple to correct.  So, we started by running a weekly Biological Terrain Analysis on Cody.  His brix (sugars) were very high, so we started working on keeping blood sugars stable through diet and herbs.

I am happy to report that Cody has had only a couple of headaches since he started working with me, and his mom Kelly is now working on her sugar levels too.  You see, Kelly has had endometriosis and chronic candida issues for years.  Kelly also wasn't sleeping well (insomnia) or able to lose any weight for years!  The candida issues, including frequent urinary tract infections,  are dissipating as she is working so hard to modify her diet and change her lifestyle.  She is feeling great, has lost weight, and has a new mental outlook on life too!  Kelly told me that she wishes they would have chosen a holistic route sooner for the effective results and being able to save 1,000s of dollars in medical bills!

love what I do!

-- Julie Formby



"Julie has a compassion for her faith in God, for her marriage, for her family and for her venture with New Vitality!!"

-- Don Bachman