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Local Holistic Resources

Click on the images below for links to local holistic resources in Northern Colorado that incorporate health practices complementary to Your New Vitality.

Integrativeā€“Holistic Medicine & Family Practice


Stephen Henke MD

Henke Health

Dr. Stephen Henke, MD

Fort Collins




Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy 


Dr. James Howton, Restore Health Clinic Loveland

Restore Health Center

Dr. James Howton, D.O.








Lori Finnick, Pharmacist, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy consultant

Lori Finnick, RPh, BHRT


Gentle, Non-Force & Low-Force Chiropractic


Dr. Jinger Kellams Chiropractor


Kellams Health Center

Directional Non-Force Chiropractic (DNFC), Biosequencing, Skin Rejuvenation, Ion Cleanse, Weight Loss & Nutrition


Dr. Jinger Kellams, DC

Fort Collins


Life in Motion Chiropractic

Torque-Release Technique Chiropractic, Auriculotherapy


Dr. Lance Zimney, DC





dr jaci zitterkopf

Natural Living Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Infant & Pediatrics, Infertility Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Extremity Adjusting & Wellness Education


Dr. Jaci Zitterkopf, DC, FASA


Holistic Health Coaching


Mollie Walker Freeman LifeSong Nutrition

LifeSong Nutrition

Mollie Walker Freeman








Natural Childbirth

Naya Daily2

Loveland Family Doula

Naya Daily



tirza derflinger2

Breast Health & Preventive Education Center (formerly The Thermogram Center)


NOTE: not limited to breast health. 

Thermograms available for face and body as well

Tirza Derflinger

State-wide, there is a location near you


BrainCore Therapy

Deborah L. Troeger, MA, CCHT






Holistic, Mercury-Free Dentistry & Hygiene

dr frank becvar

Dr. Frank Becvar, DDS


*Contact me for materials compatability testing BEFORE getting a filling, root canal, crown, etc.

Dr. Jack H. Dunn, DDS, holistic, mercury-free dentistry, longmong

Dr. Jack H. Dunn, DDS


 *Contact me for materials compatability testing BEFORE getting a filling, root canal, crown, etc.






Shelby L. Kahl, RDH PC


Fort Collins


Jill Motley

Studio P139

Certified Rolfer


Jill Motley


Fort Collins



 joanne seese

Relief Key Rossiter

Level 3 Certified Rossiter Coach

Joanne Seese

Fort Collins

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)

sherri goering

Muscle Activation of Northern Colorado


  • muscle contractile efficiency 
  • analyzes muscle weakness & the source of muscle dysfunction
  • complementary to physical therapy


Sherri Goering



Read more

Massage Therapy


Teri Wergin, CMT, LMT













Movement Mechanics

Medical Massage & Bodywork-- Insurance Accepted!


AJ Gantt



Blooming Massage

Blooming Massage

Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Pre/ Post Natal, Hot Stone


Dayna Orton,  RMT


Rhonda Uhrich

 Rhonda E. Uhrich, C.M.T

Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Lymphatic, Pre-Natal, Hot Stone, Reflexology




 Stacey Blank

Stacey Blank, MA LPC CAC II

Individual, Marital, Addiction & EMDR

Loveland & Longmont

caren wright marshall, christian counseling, theophostic prayer, loveland

Caren (Wright) Marshall, BACC

Christian Counseling, Theophostic Prayer


Fitness/ Personal Trainers

The modalities that I practice are only one part of the picture for complete health. Exercise and an active lifestyle are vital as well! I am a huge enthusiast for Kettlebells and Pilates. Both work core strength and flexibility. HIT and Kettlebells incorporate a ton of cardio work too.


Koko FitClubs

Owners: Mike & Wendy Newman


Two locations in Fort Collins:

  • Raintree
  • Harmony/ Ziegler Road

Owners: Eric & Anne L'Orange

Personal Trainer (Eric)

over 30 years of experience






elisa hansen, hard style kettle bell instructor, loveland

Elisa Hansen, HKC

Hard Style Kettlebell Certified Instructor


Loveland/ Fort Colins





aaron pierson, northern colorado kettlebell, russian kettlebell certified instructor

Aaron Pierson, RKC

Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor

Loveland/ Fort Collins




Maila Rider

Pi-Yo-Co Director, Pilates & Yoga Professional & Franklin Method Level 1 Instructor