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New Client Session (1 hour): $50 (Remote Session: $55)

Follow-up Session: $50 for 1 hour; $25 for 1/2 hour (Remote Session: $55 for 1 hour; $30 for 1/2 hour)

EVOX Perception Reframing (1 hr.)

If you play an instrument or a sport, then you understand the importance of doing it right the first time when learning a new song or skill.  This is because neural pathways and muscle memory are created the first time we do something.  If we do it wrong the first time, then an incorrect pathway and muscle memory is established. Over time and with practice, these neural pathways and muscle memories allow us to do things automatically, without having to concentrate or think like we did in the beginning; they are "second nature," so to speak.  The same is true with emotional patterns and responses.

EVOX Perception reframing software is a tool used to help clients find the roots of unwanted behaviors and emotions.  Taking our thoughts captive and learning new thought patterns involves more than our brains; it involves our physical bodies or flesh as well.  Inventor Calvin Young and his researchers have mapped specific voice frequencies to specific emotions. See the image to the right for a graphic representation of the emotions that EVOX maps.  After recording voice samples from a client, missing frequencies are then fed back to the client in a form of biofeedback, stimulating the muscle memory connection and allowing it to be surfaced, processed and released (balanced).  Music is played during this biofeedback sequence.  

When the missing tones are played back to us, it is like we are playing that musical piece correctly, or performing that skill properly in the sport we are learning.  It is like having a second chance to do it right the first time, thus creating a new neural map and muscle memory. The result is healing for past hurts and negative patterns of thought and behavior.  In the process, individuals can permanently re-map their brains (renew their minds), breaking the connection between subconscious memories and present- day behavior; we can master our thoughts and reactions instead of them mastering us! This brings a reduction in stress and an ability to respond to life more in-the-moment rather than being stuck in old behavior patterns. Relationships are healed and improved through changing how we respond to negative situations.  The tongue (our words) has the power of life and death!

Most practitioners play random music, without paying attention to the particular key in which the music is written.  I customize the music played to match the highest stress volume measured in the voice, utilizing Music From G-d, to assist with unlocking emotional blockages in order to bring healing.  The biblical Psalms were written in specific keys which are being re-discovered today.  There were 15 steps up to Temple, and the Levites sung a different Psalm for each step.  These are referred to as “Psalms of Ascent” (Psalms 120-134) and according to Hebrew tradition, the Psalms are sung to bring healing to different parts of the body– the correct frequency can heal the body!! (528 Hz repairs DNA).  Sickness is essentially being “out of tune,” the Hebrew language “tunes” your body.  G-d is revealing and training us on how to heal our bodies!

In addition to the use of biblical music, I point my clients to the truth about who they and how they were created vs. how they perceive themselves.  Specific action steps are given during each session such as journaling, intentional re-direction of thoughts, memorization of positive affirmations, including Scripture, etc.  This is a tool that harnesses technology to enable the client to tap into the innate ability of the body to re-program through voice and sound.  For more information about re-programing the brain, read Parts 4A-4C of my blogs entitled "Under the Hood."

Applications: repeated negative behavior, weight problems, addictions, work or athletic performance, relationship problems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, etc.

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Bach Flower Essences & Aromatherapy

Every element in nature has unique properties that are beneficial to humans; likewise, the various parts of herbs have different purposes and effects upon healing.  Our senses of smell and taste are powerful in their effect upon our outlook on life and ability to handle stress.  Bach Flower Essences are subtle yet effective catalysts made from flower petals that are used to bring balance to the whole person.  Each essence is a sun-infused extract that addresses issues on all levels of a person in a gentle manner.

Aromatherapy utilizes concentrated, aromatic herbs in the form of essential oils to address issues on all levels: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. Plant parts which may be infused in oils include barks, resins and gums, seeds, leaves, and flowers. 

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